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    Why Do I Need an E-Commerce Website?

    • Each year, $4.9 trillion is spent on e-commerce websites.
    • 80% of internet users make purchases online.
    • It saves you money! You don’t need a physical space.
    • Your Online Store is open 24/7. It works for you as you sleep.

    An e-commerce website designed and optimized for sales It’s your hardest working employee. You don’t even need a brick-and-mortar location to tap into the e-commerce gold mine!

    Ecommerce Web Design: 4 Steps To Grow Your Business

    Step #1 :

    Increase your sales through SEO

    44% of people start their online shopping with an internet search. If your e-commerce website isn’t on the first pages of results you’re losing massive sales. We’ll implement SEO to make sure your website can be found by your potential customers. This will drastically increase your sales and you’ll meet your revenue goals!


    Step #2 :

    Craft a Powerful Website Design

    Statistically, your visitors decide if you’re a trustworthy business by the design of your e-commerce website. If your design is outdated, cluttered, or hard to navigate your visitors won’t feel comfortable giving you their credit card numbers or home addresses.

    We’ll provide you with a professional, user-friendly design that gives your customers confidence in your business, compelling them to choose you over your competitor.

    Step #3 :

    Produce Super Fast Loading Speeds

    79% of shoppers will not return to a poorly performing website. With 47% of consumers expecting a web page to load in three seconds or less…loading speed is VERY important.

    Our e-commerce designs are elegant and efficient without sacrificing loading speeds.


    Step #4 :

    Effectively Battle Cart Abandonment

    7 out of every 10 potential customers put your products into their online cart then leave before completing the purchase. Online stores lose a collective $18 billion in sales due to abandoned carts. With our retargeting and follow-up system, we’ll persuade your customers to return and complete their orders! This puts more money into your pocket and smiles on your customer’s faces.

    What good is an eye-catching website if it doesn’t make you any money? It’s ultimately an overpriced business card!

    What does a new eCommerce website cost?

    What is the price of a new eCommerce website? That’s a good question, and the answer is: “it all depends on what you need”.
    Generally, eCommerce sites start at $5000.

    But, every project is different.
    Do you want us to write the content for you?
    What kind of SEO service do you require?
    Do you want a retargeting system to deal with cart abandonment?
    Looking for more than 100 products eCommerce site?

    That being said, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us to get a quote. We have several payment options that can help you launch your eCommerce quick.

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